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Application of diffusion in biological systems

Microfluidics introduction and

Why it is important to scale throughput?

Especially in COVID-19 tests 


10x genomics (microfluidics lab-to-market)

Future vision in AI integration with automated microfluidic devices 


Supervised and mentored four undergraduate research students and a graduate student. 

Each student research work is published or submitted for publication this year.

Michael Margolis Computational and Systems Biology (2017-2020),

Project: Synchronize image analysis code with micromotor rotation to sort suspended large cellular structures in media.

Now: Medical student at UCLA.

Michael Bogumil Bioengineering (2017-2020),

Project: Analyze micromagnetic stray field binding force as a function of the magnetization angle.

Now: Master’s student at UCLA Bioengineering.

Darren Lo Bioinformatics (2017-2019),

Project: Analyze cavity flow reattachment point transition as a function of the flow velocity.

Now: Pulmonary research associate intern at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fiona Tang Bioengineering (2016-2018),

Project: Optimize cell capture capacity in microvortices.

Now: Master’s student at USC Computer Science.

Ryan Stoutamore Bioengineering (2016-2018),

Project: Track tumor cells trapping trajectories in microcavities.

Now: Master’s degree from UCSD Computer and Science Engineering.

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